Girl Scouts Self Defense

Our self defense Girl Scouts class is designed to teach self defense techniques in a fun, group atmosphere. By attending one of our self defense classes, your Girl Scout will earn the Awareness Patch, or she can also obtain the “Go Chihuahua Crazy!”™ Patch, the Back-Off patch, and the B.O.B. patch by taking a refresher or level-2 class. Cadette's, Seniors, and Ambassadors classes cover topics that are geared towards a more mature audience.  

Physical and verbal assaults on children are more common than you think. The National Center for Juvenile Justice found that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys were sexually assaulted before the age of 18. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 27.8% of students report being bullied during the school year. There were 424,066 entries into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center for missing or abducted children in 2018 alone. PlayItSafeDefense offers self defense classes for kids that is a fun, interactive, and age-appropriate method to teach students to respond appropriately to these types of situations. 


All levels earn their Awareness Patch. Scouts will also earn a new and different patch for every class they attend thereafter. Our program is progressive as they mature.

Our self defense class for Girl Scouts teaches:      

Bully Prevention & How to Deal with Friendship Drama


-Verbal defense techniques

-What bullies look for in their victims

-Name calling, teasing, excluding and arguments

-How to cope with “friendship issues & drama”

-Projecting a confident attitude

-Dealing with aggressive bullies

-Better communication and increased self-esteem

-Increased respect for self and others.

Stranger Awareness & Self Defense Strategies

-Physical self defense techniques

-Increased safety at school, home, and play

-How not to be targeted: Walking and talking with confidence

-Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate adult behavior

-How to recognize a stranger and when it is appropriate to respond to a stranger

-How to tell a trusted adult if something has occurred

-Getting lost, home safety, walking to and from home

-Appropriate touch and behavior with acquaintances

Bring PlayItSafeDefense to Your Location


WE CAN TRAVEL TO YOUR TROOP’S LOCATION. The cost of the workshops are on a per student basis based upon location.  The registration fee includes; an “Awareness” patch for each student and an informational supplement for the parents.  A class size of

15-25 students is needed and we suggest combining troops, or inviting friends and siblings.


Please contact us for fees and available dates.

For more information, please call Sofia Meyer at (720) 619-0011 or at her email


*PlayItSafeDefense was awarded the 2015-2016 Girl Scout Friendship Award for supporting the Girl Scout mission by providing superior service and assistance to the council.  

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Every criminal has two fundamental fears. 

The fear of being caught and the fear of being hurt. 

Our combination of self defense techniques teach children and women to respond quickly and appropriately to unique challenges they might encounter. Our training provides students with confidence through situational awareness techniques that teach them to become a very hard target. Criminals hate hard targets.

“As psychotherapists, my husband and I have worked with many children, teens, and adults who have experienced sexual abuse, bullying, and other kinds of violence. Recently, I took some children to a PlayItSafe self-defense class and was very impressed with the program. Tracie and her fellow instructor presented valuable verbal and physical techniques in a fun and engaging way. They empowered the children to listen to their intuition, use their voices, handle conflict effectively, and defend themselves when appropriate. Their message was hopeful and powerful. I highly recommend PlayItSafe classes to children, teens, and women who want to go out into the world with greater confidence, feeling prepared to handle difficult or dangerous situations if they should arise.”


Amy Torn, MFT

San Diego, CA