Corporate Self Defense Employee Training

Many companies provide self defense training as part of their wellness programs. It shows your employees that you care about their safety, both on and off the job. Personal safety concerns include; robbery, assaults, rape, workplace violence, domestic violence and home invasions. Crime victims suffer a tremendous amount of physical and psychological trauma. This will affect job performance and the workplace environment.


One important component to empowering your staff is to prepare them for the “unexpected.” Self defense training is essential for those who want to build confidence and ensure that they are protected against the unexpected. Employees who have a sense of “knowing what to do,” are more relaxed, empowered, and able to make better decisions.


PlayItSafeDefense can conduct a full hands-on class at your location in a 2 to 2.5 hour format or a one-hour lunch and learn presentation. 

Our program covers:

• Awareness and Avoidance

• What predators look for in their victims

• Boundaries, Voice and Confidence: The Keys to Self-Protection

• Physical self-defense techniques

• Family Defense

• Personal protection devices


Some of our corporate clients include: Sharp’s Hospital, SONY, KPMG LLP, Barney and Barney LLC, Eventnetwork, Elite Security, Northrop Grumman, Roel Construction, Social Advocates for Youth, just to name a few.

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Every criminal has two fundamental fears. 

The fear of being caught and the fear of being hurt. 

Our combination of self defense techniques teach children and women to respond quickly and appropriately to unique challenges they might encounter. Our training provides students with confidence through situational awareness techniques that teach them to become a very hard target. Criminals hate hard targets.

“As psychotherapists, my husband and I have worked with many children, teens, and adults who have experienced sexual abuse, bullying, and other kinds of violence. Recently, I took some children to a PlayItSafe self-defense class and was very impressed with the program. Tracie and her fellow instructor presented valuable verbal and physical techniques in a fun and engaging way. They empowered the children to listen to their intuition, use their voices, handle conflict effectively, and defend themselves when appropriate. Their message was hopeful and powerful. I highly recommend PlayItSafe classes to children, teens, and women who want to go out into the world with greater confidence, feeling prepared to handle difficult or dangerous situations if they should arise.”


Amy Torn, MFT

San Diego, CA